Del Mar Real Estate

Sarah is that rare blend of designer who is both a strong communicator and a visionary. Over the course of the past 15 years I’ve worked with Sarah on many design projects and she consistently takes my vision and creates an end-product that is better than I could have imagined. Sarah is deadline-oriented, organized, responsive and encourages useful dialogue that helps create an end-result that I’m always happy with. On a personal note, Sarah’s character, ethics and integrity shine through in every project. I am always delighted when I have a concept or proposal that I can pitch her way. In fact, she’s so great I hesitate writing too glowing of a review for fear that she won’t have time for my projects! She’s a gem, a talent and a true professional. I recommend Sarah with zero reservation.


Carolina Blind Crafters

Sarah has been working with me and my business since I started the company in 2009. She is a truly talented graphic designer and I attribute much of our brand's success to her work. Her designs are always in line with what we are trying to accomplish and is the most dependable contractor we do business with. Thank you Sarah for 10 years of excellent work and I look forward to our continued success!


The Campfire Experience

Sarah Wilson has been an indispensable extension of my team. She has the rare ability to understand business goals, think strategically, and provide design concepts and materials that create the exact perception and evoke the right emotion we intend as a brand. After 3 years together, we have a shorthand and she is so tuned into the brand that she can nearly finish my thoughts and sentences during our meetings. As a leader who greatly values design and brand strategy, working with Sarah gives me confidence that whatever problem we throw at her she will be able to solve it through design all the while further elevating our brand. And as a small business owner, she gets that I don’t have unlimited marketing dollars and is efficient with her time by asking me the right questions to eliminate re-work and always presenting some options to make sure she is on the right track, while not creating too many options that or going too far down a design path without checking in with me. She is a rare gem possessing incredible design talent, a strategic mind, and a proclivity for efficiency. After working with many designers and agencies throughout my career, she is my hidden secret that I worry won’t be a secret for too long!